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Herbalife Products and Their Businesses Are Suitable for Millennials?

What is Herbalife? Hello friends welcome to Fitrya Blog yes. It's been a long time since I didn't post my own article on my personal blog, because I'm "cheating" on my other clients' blogs (freelance Content Writer). Well, once this post is posted, there will definitely be something to say and I think it's important for friends too.

This time I want to tell you about Herbalife. Wow what is that? products that like to bargain for a healthy diet huh? or MLM business that is not clear huh? Some people really think Herbalife likes it. But, some other people even went along with this business and managed to continue to rise in rank in his business career.

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is an investment in the future. How can that be? buy investment savings and deposits? I also think that way, because investment is always synonymous with Money. But, I became aware of a compilation of one Herbalife member in Bandung who told me about his experience running an Herbalife business and using his product.

He asked me "Do you think Investment is savings"? then answered, in my opinion Health is an Investment. Then I ask back, why is that? He answered "while keeping you full, you are you many, if you are not healthy, you can indeed enjoy it all invited? Wow .. I immediately realized, really yes my friends.

Herbalife is a nutritious food product, containing vitamins, protein, calcium, fiber and other important substances that are needed by every human being. The products that Herbalife requires vary by country. However, the most popular products from this American brand are Shake, Tea and Aloe Herbal Concentrate. These products are recommended to help your herbalife diet to be more optimal, my friends.

Well, my friends who want to move away from obesity, obesity because it's safe, it's really suitable if you try a healthy diet with Herbalife. Those of you who are also insecure because you are fat, hehe, can really contain your body using popular products from Herbalife earlier. The results for each person are different, and the results will be maximal if accompanied by healthy eating and exercise.

Is Herbalife Dangerous?

If you have never read one of the articles on Tirto.ID and The second coil of online media is negative news for Herbalife products. Both articles cited this Herbalife product as being a strong omen in several countries because it causes liver disease and other diseases.

Herbalife itself claims that for nearly 40 years of existence, there have never been any consumers who submit complaints or complaints after using Herbalife products. There are problems that occur due to diseases that do exist in the patient's. So, it is true what is not a dangerous Herbalife product, it still cannot be proven, Guys.

Herbalife Products

Talking about the products, I don't memorize everything, because there are so many. To be sure, there are 3 main products that are usually offered. The product consists of Formula 1 Shake, Tea and Aloe Vera. The product photos are like this:

In addition, there are still many products offered by the Herbalife brand, all of which support your health. The latest, there are also beauty products. Its products are more for Skin Care for facial skin care, which is claimed to show the results after 7 days. Come on, want to try or not?

How much are all of these products? Are the prices of Herbalife Products expensive? about product prices, we discuss at the end of the article, friends. Oia, just more information, since 40 years ago Herbalife has the same product. Imagine, 40 years ago, where were we still, but this Herbalife product, Shake, Tea and Aloe, already exists and has succeeded in helping many people improve their health, this is actually reflected, hehe.

How to Lose Weight with Herbalife

Back again for the products that have always been present and specifically for weight programs, weight gain is the same as stabilizing body weight. You are in the same class as me (Graduated in 2011) :), I think I have found a leaflet or a small brochure that is attached, there is a testimony of fat people so thin and vice versa. Well, it turns out it is an Herbalife product that is now increasingly growing.

Well, it's not just a matter of how to lose weight, how to gain weight, overcome the problem of obesity, but there are also other more tempting fields. The field is the Herbalife Business. A healthy diet Herbalife has successfully delivered its customers who have succeeded in carrying out their healthy diets to a lucrative business career in terms of income and bonuses.

Herbalife Business

As information, from the results of my conversations with people who have been successful in Herbalife, this product is available at in almost 99 countries in the world (correct if wrong). So, you who live in several of these countries can join the business team and get their respective income. The bonus, vacation abroad, happy to countries that like to be on our dream list are sleeping (France, Dubai, Barcelona, ​​Japan, Korea, etc.). Herbalife Business Suitable for Millennials?

Then, how about the business? Yes, the business that is run an MLM system (multi level marketing). I still don't understand this business system, because since long time ago, my father, who joined MLM business, never succeeded, but mostly cheated. If you can explain, about the Herbalife MLM business that I caught anyway, Here's my friends:

  1. You have an interest in starting a healthy diet. As we expected, in Indonesia the interest in healthy eating is still minimal, because KFC, Bakso Noodles, Cilok, and Gorengan are still the King of Favorite foods (hehe)
  2. Make sure you are interested in the same products, for example you really want a healthy diet with this product or want to lose weight also gain weight
  3. If you've started to be interested in the product, have tried the product, try the business. Millennial kids are like us irresponsible, just follow up first then know like how, rather than curious
  4. Become a Herbalife Member. If you shop at your favorite supermarket or boutique and become a member, you will definitely get a discount? Well, in Herbalife it's the same. If you become a member, you can get Herbalife Products at lower prices. Become a member, you get a 25% discount on all products
  5. Start an MLM business by inviting friends who have the same weight problems or want a healthy diet to try and buy their products too. Invite your friends to become members too.
  6. Up to point 5, if successful and smooth, you can start transferring directly from Herbalife. Your income also comes from selling products directly to friends through you.
  7. The more friends you invite and successfully become members, you will continue to level up. Members of the level are SC (Senior Consultants) with a 25% discount earlier, your middle level becomes a Supervisor (SPV) with a 50% discount (each time you buy Herbalife products to sell again, you can get an  immediate profit of 50% of the normal product price
  8. Open a Healthy Home, If you are already at SPV, it is recommended that you have a "Healthy Home" or Nutrition Club. This place will later become a special area for you to sell products directly in the form. The concept is like "Healthy Cafe", where you can make Shakes, Tea and Aloe vera for you to sell directly to consumers who come to your healthy home.
  9. Start the business in several ways, you can sell the product directly to retail or wholesale consumers, you can also sell wholesale. You're not just selling health products, but you also have to invite people to be financially healthy and financially.

Prices of Herbalife Products

Are Herbalife Products expensive? as the saying goes "Price determines Quality" so that if the price of the product is expensive, because it is the quality. The prices of products at Herbalife can be obtained from my friends with a 25% discount if they are registered as members. The price of these products can also be obtained at a 50% discount if you become a wholesaler of this product.

Actually, you can get these products for free with certain terms and conditions. For friends who know the price of each product, surely you must be serious to start a healthy life and buy the product, and run the business. If you are not serious or have no interest, please don't need to know the price of the product.


So, as a consumer, I who don't have complaints of being overweight or thin, have already consumed Herbalife products because they are good friends. It's like thick ice cream topping, delicious and healthy. In addition, some complaints of general illness such as ulcer, thank God has not recurred for consumption for almost 2 months.

If anyone sees "Healthy is Expensive" after we lay down in the hospital, it's better to be healthy and expensive we have to buy health products that help improve our own health, one of them with Herbalife products.

How, my friends who are interested in trying its products? or are interested in starting a business with the bonus of traveling abroad and earning millions of dollars? Don't think more and just try it first. You may think after you can transfer from the business later, hehe.

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