Wednesday, 28 March 2018

What is Kelas Inspirasi Tasikmalaya #5 (Sharing Class)?

Finally, I can post my latest story when I involved in volunteer activity called Kelas Inspirasi 5 in my village. So this is for the second time I join with this volunteer activity. before I had joined as a documentation in this class, but for the second time, I join as an inspirator.

Inspirator has a job for entry to the class and started to sharing about an occupation, with the elementary school students in SDN 2 Cikunten Singaparna. Mostly, me and another inspirator just telling the story about what we doing work in daily and what had we do to make it happened.

Because we come to them to give inspiring and to give them happiness always, so we are not only giving the speech at class but also we playing games inside. We playing and fun, no need to much serious because we are not their teacher.

Cikunten 2 Elementary School Students

My Lesson Plan

As a freelance content writer and copywriter (my daily activity), I told the story to them about what I'm doing in this job, where I can working like this and how to be a content and copywriter commonly. I also invite them to learn about Internet and content platform which I used for work. I'm so happy because they can easily to understand and they also already know about the internet from they parent and advertising on Television. Because they are still kids, so I need to make some creative lesson plan to show them in class.

15 minutes first speech

last 5 minutes  playing games

Just tips, if we want to tell kids about something important, better then not to much serious. Kids will be boring, so just playing and games and learning after.

And don't forget to take a selfie with them
In this Kelas Inspirasi 5, we are 8 people in one group. 1 personas documentation and 7 other as an Inspirator. Documentation must take a picture in every moment between inspiratory and kids. We came from many cities in Indonesia, but we united for make this volunteer day successfully.

this is my volunteer team

We just doing kelas Inspirasi 5 for one day, but we hope we can give inspiration to the kids forever. In this volunteer event also, we can get some new friends, with the different background, different occupation from different cities. Like people said, "Everyday is a new experience and its open up new opportunities, life is awesome".

Teacher, Volunteers, and Students
My opinion about this event, Of course, I really proud of myself because I can be part of the volunteer, to share happiness, story, and spirit for supported kids to reach their future. In the past, We also as a kid who still doesn't know what we want to be in future, but with pray, school, learning with the friend, when we growing up, we optimize that we can be what we want and what we like. Don't forget life is fighting, work hard, but we still have to be happy, love our parents, be honest always and keep praying, So Insha Allah everything will be Ok... Success for you all :)

The picture was taken by FitryaNB, Ihsan (our documentation)
Located: SDN 2 Cikunten Singaparna District

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