Thursday, 22 October 2015

4 traditional famous food for breakfast in indonesia

Before I start this Post, I really sorry if my English not good, because I still learning how to typing a post in English language. From this typing, may be you will know, that my English is so standart, may be only English in 2 Level haha… but its’ok, other wise, even my English post so bad, I just want to share about something delicious and unique from my Country, it is Indonesian traditional Food.

Did u have breakfast today?  Me, yes I did. You know, in my country Indonesia, there’s many food can choose for breakfast menu.  As I know, in western country like America and Europe, they ate bread and chesse, or sandwich with some eggs and milk for breakfast. Same like that, Indonesian people also doing breakfast with many kind of food.  Actually some people in Indonesian who live in big city like Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, they eat similar western food for breakfast. They also eat bread and milk, something like burger and sandwich or sausage with bread in the morning. Before they go for many activities, breakfast really need for add energy and increase a spirit in morning. The unique is, that mostly Indonesian people like eat other food than bread or sandwich, it is a traditional food.

source: google

Traditional food is autenthic and originally food, which made in Indonesia. It made by Indonesian people who came from many tribe. As we know, Indonesian is a country which have a lot of tribe. It is 1.340 tribe in Indonesia (source: Wikipedia) . One of famaous tribe in Indonesia is Sundanesse. When you look a map, see that Indonesia have java island. After that you can find that java island is consist of three small island. It is west java,central java and east java.That three island have famous tribe which produce traditional food.  

So, lets me to share with you, what kind of  Indonesian traditional food, which ate by Indonesian people in the morning for breakfast. When you people will come to Indonesian, and would try this food, when you look the shape later, you already know about that food from my blog hehe… I hope this is can help you to find a delicious and unique food in Indonesia. Lets start with :

1.       Kue Sorabi (Sorabi cake)
I called it cake, because it made from cake material. The basic is made from coconut and some flour. Usually people in Indonesia, specially from sundanesse, they eat sorabi cake for breakfast in the morning. Sorabi cake shapes is circle. It cooked on the small pan which circle shape. Many toping you can choose for youre favourite sorabi cake. Mostly topping is a Oncom. Oncom is a basic food from Indonesia, which got permentation. If you don’t like this oncom, you can change youre topping with, egg, red sugar sweet, and so on.

source: Google

2.       Gorengan (fried food)
Gorengan also is Famous traditional food from Indonesia, who liked by people. Many gorengan seller open stand for sell it. In school, near office or in the park of city, gorengan seller will be there. Many kind of gorengan is made by seller. Its Gehu, bakwan/bala-bala, pisang, ubi, tempe and so on. Usually for make perfect breakfast, gorengan eat same time with “lontong”. Lontong is traditional food which made from rice. You eat lontong, you no need to eat rice again. You can feel full after eat that same time with the gorengan.

gorengan bakwan SOurce: google

3.       Lontong Sayur (chicken kare sup)
Other traditional food, is Lontong sayur. It is same like lontong in gorengan food, but this food present with chicken  kare sup. When morning come here, people usually eat this and can make really full. It is enough for breakfast, even also for lunch we can eat again. The seller will open from morning to evening.

Lontong ayam source: google

4.       Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge)
This is one of famous morning food here. Mostly people in Indonesia like Bubur Ayam. Because it is cheaper and delicious. Bubur is made from mix material between rice and water. Another that there is many topping for bubur ayam, chicken sure one of the important topping. Other, you can add eggs, snack, sauce and soya. It is delicious and cheaper, and the portion is really enough for make youre breakfast fully. 

chicken porridge source: google

Actually, all traditional food is cheaper then food which selling in reastaurant. It called also “street food”. I guranted, when you people try this food, you will want eat again, again and again, because not only cheaper but also delicious. You can find in whole Indonesia, specially in Java island. Come to java island and try our traditional food.

Happy Breakfast!!