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How to celebrate "Ramadhan" in Indonesia

Agung Mosque in my city Tasikmalaya,Indonesia
assalamualaikum moslem friends.... first i would say to you, happy Ramadhan, happy fasting, always patience and strenght in run our ramadhan. insha alloh today we will start our first ramadhan. in every country always have a routine tradition which people doing when ramdhan coming. i will share to you how people in my country Indonesia celebrate Ramadhan, many unique habit that can make you know about our ramadhan tradition here, and may be after you know, later you want celebrate Next ramadhan in my indonesia.

well... we not talk about different time in ramadhan or something about religion, but i will share to you about people habit here when ramadhan come. some habit its relate with food. as we know, talk about food its important when ramadhan come, because in iftar time, we must eat something special, something sweet and something delicious food. so lets start with this habit:

  •  Togethers with friend or relative to "Munggahan" day

yes... it called Munggahan... can u said it? Munggahan is a habit of moslem indonesia especially Sundanesse or javanesse tribe tradition, to prepare a day for eat togethers with they friends or they relative. usually, they will go to some restaurant to celebrate Munggahan. they will eat anything they want, in that day they will happy before ramadhan.

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  •  Big Shopping Buy anything Food in market

i don't know... is that all people doing this habit? hehe.. but i see some people in my country, my city doing like that. three days before ramadhan, i went to big store for bought some food, and i saw very crowded there. i think all familys out from they house then spending time in store/mall to buy many food, vegetable, noodles, drink etc for Ramadhan. one more thing, when i go to foodcourt also crowded.. many people eat and drink there, usually in daily day, not like that, just normal.

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  •  People as Seller force other people to Buy that Thing

in my country, when Ramadhan coming and IED Mubarak later, we must have many cake in home. like creackers, soft cake, pudding and many more. usually when IED will coming, some people who selling that product, some will force other to buy that thing, because seller said : in IED many people buy my product, must have!! so you must buy too... come grab it fast!! sometimes, my mom will buy if really need, but if no, just ignore it with good.

  • Come closer for IED mubarak, don't forget to "Iftar Together" with friends or Family outside home

this habit, same with 1 point. but the different is  when Iftar come, you and youre familys or friends must be choose good restaurant, then you iftar together there. its ok for always silaturahm with other friends with iftar together,, but if can, don't forget always doing pray Tarawih, because sometimes, that one thing, was forgot.

my Bandung and Bogor Familys

  • Flocked go to Familys Funeral, or Big Islamic teacher who was died long time.

actually, me and my familys not doing this habit. no need reason to ask why ok... but other people here, before ramadhan, the funeral will be crowded, full... thats good for a seller who sell flowers or water near that rest place. they do "Ziarah" to that funeral for ask and pray to alloh in order give them piece and many berkah.

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  •  Kids will play firework, sometimes like a Tragedy

when ramadhan come, the firework seller will show on and selling many kinda firework. this is not so good for kids... because can make them accident if they not good in play that firework. the sound, i means any big firework, i don't know whats the name,, but that sound very louder when kids play it with fire. usually they will play in Tarawih pray... thats bad habit, kids don't do that again

  •  prepare and have plan to marry with someone you love after IED Mubarak

that is so special.... because many girl/woman want to marry after IED. thats means, when couple marry after IED, alloh will give many berkah for them, people also will give many "hapiness" to a bride and groom. that moment is so sweet and so happy for that couple, all familys, all friend who stay far away from you before, insha alloh will come to youre wedding, beacuse they in holiday.

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  •  Holiday... in our Village

"Pulang Kampung"... that must be doing for some people who have own familys in some town. when you have holiday, long time for IED, back to youre home... to meet youre familys. then eating togethers, and happy always.

  •  Hangout in the evening outside home, and buy many kinda food for iftar 

actually in indonesia and my city also, this habit is often to do. here called "ngabuburit". people will go out 2 hours before iftar time, and go to buy some food, the special food u will get from street food, because usually me also, will go to buy street food here. many kind of food in indonesian street food, the sweetest until the spicy one available there, you just choose what you want to eat, of course with cheaper price.

from google, grill sosis one of street food here

well... there many kind of habit of people in indonesia doing when Ramadhan come. may be some of the habit also same with youre habit in youre country. so, how about Ramadhan habit in youre country? want share with me? i'll wait... ;)

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this is our ramadhan habit in my country

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