Saturday, 11 April 2015

10 days writing challenge

good morning everybody. where are you going for this weekend?  do you have make a plan to go someplace with youre familys? or you just want to stay at home, watching Movie from DVD and File download like me.. hehe.

then may be you want stay in front youre laptop, and writing something , youre idea in Blog, if like that, lets follow me to make a #10 days writing challenge. this challenge will be fun, and will be grow up youre visitors in youre blog, because we can write almost everyday, then share to others.

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Ok, gals... lets start to write some idea in our blog, then this is the theme which i use for this challenge, but if you have any idea for make other theme, please you change then start with youre own theme.

10 days writing challenge theme

1. write a Autobiography
2. write what kind music did you like in 2015
3. when Doomsday happen, what will you do 
4. when you old, what do you want to do
5. write fact about you with youre selfie
6. write a review about married life book
7. write youre favourite figure in Movie
8. write about people who you like and don't like
9. write when you as a worker what youre activity
10.write how to be a good citizen in youre country.

that all. if you have to change with youre own theme, please just do it. usually i will start write in friday, or in weekend. you can start to write in youre blog in the early morning, then share to youre all sosial media. or you can write in youre blog before you sleep. 

so, lets start write this challenge in our blog, make a more story to share with others, can use english word or also can write with youre own language. no problem

happy weekend all... :)

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