Friday, 5 December 2014


"Being rich is good, being famous is good, but being rich and famous with love from alloh, thats more than good, 100% good"
by: @fitryanb

"I never know about love, What is Love? I just know to keep our heart, if thats youre destiny, if no, just let it GO"

by: @fitryanb

"in bussines i love him 100 %, in love life, relationship, i love him 0 %"

By : Google
"sometimes, stranger is better than old friend, because stranger more want to know me deeply, than old friend"
By: @fitryanb

"Men and woman must be togethers as a couple, that sweet than anything"

by: @fitryanb

all picture: by me
all quotes: by me
pic taken by: Sony Xperia GO