Saturday, 18 October 2014

story about a stranger

well.... i wanna tell you about this person. he is a man. he is 32 Years Old. i ever see him 2 month ago. he is taller than me, may be 174 cm. his skin is brown. his eyes are big . his nose is up, good nose. his hair is short like a standart men hair. he usually use Shirt and jeans, but sometimes use Long Shirt and pant, and shoes too. he is a bussinesman, he is kind , his smille is good, he is a stronger men.

this is a model (from google)

First time i met him 2 month ago, his smille to me and say, "welcome dear", i reply with "thanks". you know, first time i saw him, i like his smille.... when he smille is very good, i never see smille like that,,, really. and the surpise is he ever talk to me "youre so cute dear... you innocent but cute, i like you" i talk to my self " what?? i'm shy,, of course a girl happy if a men talking like that" . 

i remember we ever go to a good place, one of the famous place in the world. he talk to me about the place, he explain everything,, we are jalan-jalan. and after we tired, then sit in the desk around the place.... we talking to much, about his life, about what he likes and don't likes... and he talking about his hobbies. i listen every what his said, and i know , i think he is a good guy.

we ever see the movie too there... good movie, and before we go to cinema, we buy some drink... i don't like soda, because my stomach will pain again, so i choose a soya bean milk, and you know, in fact he choose same drink too like me, he said, i like this drink,, you like too? i said " yes, i like it very much" he traktir me.

after i go back to my place brith again,,, i just keep in touch with him, not everyday... can three times a week, or just one times a week. after now about him day by day... i think.... there is something , wich i can't receive for my future life. and like i want A he want B.... i like this one, but he don't like this one. 

i just.... i think old men (32 yo) is good men, because he grow up, he kind, he always help me everything ... i dream, i hope later can live with old men like that. may be very good live and happy live... but in fact... not like that. 

so... this is like a history of my love live. many history in my love live... but history , i think not to much share with other... the history about love only can be a learning to my self and i will save in my live forever. if happiness good for motivate my life, if sadness, no problem... sometimes we must sadness to much to reach happiness. 

Just try, keep and hope again... if u not yet meet a Mr. Right in youre life. and don't forget to always remember your holy god, (my alloh) to help solve youre love problem.

Thank you for read it :)