Friday, 2 August 2013

my Self Potrait wear Zoya

alhamdulilah, Ied Mubarak 2013 almost happen. what you're habbit if ied mubarak come? are you buy some new clothes? are you buy a beautifful hijab for youre looking? if yes,, you same with me.i didn't bought a new Clothes, i just bought a Hijab. i choosed hijab from Zoya Brand... here i'm wear Zoya.

Zoya is one of the Famous moslem wear in indonesia. i like this Hijab because of Colour. very simple and not too glamour.

This is the Brand......... Zoya.......

Fotografer: @fitryaNB
Camera Using: Fujifilm Camdig 16 MP
Hijab From: Zoya
Place: at My Room

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